Their range of facial products includes all-natural cleansers, exfoliators, masks, gels, toners, moisturisers, serums and face and lip balms. Purifying, hydrating and rejuvenating, our products cater for all skin types, ages and requirements. With the best skin care products available, you can enjoy that authentic spa facial experience in your own home.


Dublin Herbalists offers a selection of effective natural skin care products for your body. Meeting all of your skin’s every day and emergency needs, our lavish range of wholesome beauty products includes body butters, scrubs, salves and hand creams. These hard-working but gentle cosmetics are designed to smooth, heal and nourish your skin and body.

The ingredients in Dublin Herbalists’ products are sourced from trusted suppliers and carefully considered for each skin type and function. Dublin Herbalists blend only the highest-quality Oils, Butters and Floral Waters that contain the most powerful nutrients and minerals, and there are no artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals or preservatives in our natural beauty products. Using just sustainable ingredients that are kind to plants and animals, and product packaging is also environmentally friendly.