Elave Sensitive Skin Defence SPF 45



A daily skin defence cream to combat environmental damage caused by UV light, air and pollutants using high UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) protection and vitamin anti-oxidants C, B, E to combat free radicals.
Recommended for normal/oily (acne prone)/dry/sensitive/combination skin:
Sun protection factor SPF45+ to protect skin every day from signs of UV exposure such as dark spots, roughness and loss of elasticity
Developed with a powerful combination of Vitamins C, B, E to protect the skin from every day environmental stress and stimulate collagen growth
Light easy to use formula for use under makeup or without makeup
Oil Free formula to prevent clogging pores
Purified clean formulation free from worrying chemicals
Beneficial for all skin types even sensitive skin
Everyday the skin needs protection from Ultraviolet UV light and environmental pollutants that cause the signs of ageing. These UV rays are what cause premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and skin cancer. The earlier the skin has year round environmental protection the better for your skins future. The centrepiece of anti-ageing skincare is broad spectrum UV protection everyday with anti-oxidant vitamins to combat environmental pollutants and rejuvenate skin.
As we age the natural cell renewal process slows down. Glycolic acid derived from sugar cane is one of the naturally found Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and can weaken the binding properties of dead cells gently peeling these cells away to reveal the newer more elastic cells beneath the surface. Glycolic acid, the smallest AHA penetrates the skin more easily and has an intense hydrating effect by increasing the moisture content of the upper layer of the skin.
At all times your skin needs intensive hydration. Reduced moisture levels in the skin can put your skin under stress with increased dryness and redness. Many of us are prone to dry and sensitive skin especially as we age. Extreme temperatures and environmental pollutants combined with harsh skincare ingredients can deplete the skins natural barrier of moisture leaving skin sensit’sed. Replenishing moisture levels rebalances and corrects the skins appearance.

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