Mag365 Kids 150 g


This is our same multi awarding-winning ionic magnesium citrate powder but also contains zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 (trans MK-7), along with your child’s daily dose of MAG365.  MAG365 Kids is safe for all ages provided you adjust the dosage accordingly. 

Your child might benefit from magnesium if:

  • You want to ensure their magnesium needs are being met
  • You would like to ensure a good night’s sleep
  • You want to support normal psychological function (behavior, emotion, social skills, and overall mental health)
  • You want to support feelings of anxiousness or irritability
  • You want to encourage focus and concentration
  • You want to support nervous system function
  • You want to support their bones, teeth and muscle function
  • You want a magnesium-based multi vitamin supplement that is easy to take

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