muscle soothe


deep body therapy

🌳 with warm rich forestry tones, this luxurious hand-made body oil blend will become a key part of your self-care routine

🌳 apply all over in or after shower to soothe and nourish muscles, skin, every system in the body

🌳 try muscle soothe today and feel for yourself the deeply restorative effects of cedarwood, marjoram, ginger and petitgrain

🌳 100% natural means the blend is more quickly absorbed into the body – to maximum effect

how to use
✔️ apply all over before and after exercise or stretching of any kind. before will warm and open muscles. after will soothe and relax muscles after exertion – while maintaining tone

✔️ apply to calm any aches and pains – from marathons to menstrual cramp

✔️ rub all over while in the shower – to product your skin from drying and deeply warm and tone the body

✔️ suitable for massaging kids – works on clearing chests, tummy aches and after football (great for bonding too!)

🎥 ‘how-to-use’ video with every purchase

external use only. not suitable for pregnancy. best use within 6 months. 125mls/4.23oz

precious oils
🌿 sweet marjoram relieves and revives tired limbs

🌿 ginger warms and eases pains. will also help with digestion, chest complaints and is a heart tonic

🌿 petitgrain eases muscles while maintaining tone. also aids the digestive and nervous systems and brings a state of equilibrium mentally and physically

🌿also contains cedarwood, lavender, fractionated coconut oil, and vitamin E (a natural preservative)

🌿 and absolutely nothing else ☺️