Modern medicine is fantastic! We are lucky to have life saving medicines at our disposal. However, sometimes we just need something gentle to help us regain our health.

This is where herbal medicine can help, but always in combination with lifestyle changes and nourishing food. Get in touch below to discuss your health journey and a tailored solution for you.

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“The potent healing qualities of herbs have been used in different therapeutic philosophies throughout history. We find plants used within the Indian ayurvedic system, in Chinese medicine and alongside acupuncture and other techniques.

We see them being used as a source of drugs in the highly scientific and technological approach of modern pharmacy and allopathic medicine.

Until about 50 years ago, nearly all the entries in pharmacopoeias describing the manufacture of drugs indicated a herbal origin.

Some examples of this are Aspirin from a number of plants like Meadowsweet and Black Willow. The amphetamines, which are based on the alkaloid ephedrine, supply stimulants and anti-asthmatic drugs and play an important role in medicine.”

Ref: The New Holistic Herbal; D.Hoffmann


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