Vaccines protect the wider community Some people cannot get vaccines and it is important we are all vaccinated to protect them.


For example, some children with a weakened immune system cannot be given the MMR vaccine babies under 6 months of age are too young to be fully protected against whooping cough.

Both of these groups are very vulnerable to the serious complications of these diseases and depend on others being vaccinated to be protected.


All vaccines have undergone rigorous studies to ensure that they are safe and effective before they are licensed. They are continually monitored by medicine regulatory authorities in Ireland, Europe and by the World Health Organization. Most vaccine reactions are minor. Serious side effects occur rarely and are immediately investigated. Vaccine preventable diseases are far more likely to harm than the vaccine developed to prevent it.

We know healthcare workers are the most trusted source for information about vaccines.

In the pharmacy we provide the flu vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine and the shingles vaccine.

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