What is BodeWell Botanicals?

BodeWell Botanicals is a bespoke brand of herbal remedies developed by Niamh Boden. Niamh is a trained pharmacist, herbalist and naturopath.



The aim of any BodeWell Botanicals remedy is to restore the balance of an individual back to full health, by making small lifestyle changes while supporting the body with herbal remedies.

Niamh studied herbal medicine in CNM Dublin in order to complement her pharmacy business.

‘I feel that herbal medicine is very complementary in the community setting. We all need to prevent our health from deteriorating as we get older through lifestyle modification. We would all prefer to use natural remedies I think to restore our health. Herbal medicine is gentle and can be supportive while making changes. As a pharmacist I can use my knowledge of medicines to keep people safe while using herbal medicine’

Niamh wanted to offer her customers something natural and found that in certain situations she could help people with minor ailments who didn’t want to use stronger products.

I have a range of herbal teas for medicinal use and I have recently developed bath salts with rose petals and lavender and essential oils.